the fourth dimension of architecture - the virtual counterpart

at the end of our research the following became main component of the realisation phase. we want to create a tool with the following components:

1. communication
communication between the architecture and their users, and communication between architecture. therefor i we extend the architecture by a fourth dimension (a virtual one), by which these communication- and control processes take place.

2. information
the informing of the user or inhabitant. the architecture is in the know of its internal struktures and things and also its environment exactly (positions and status of resources and humans...). this information structure is fed by many diverse sensors, plans and data bases.

3. orientation
the building is constituent and crosspoint of a network architecture. the visualization of the navigation system is not static, but it can be adapted by the respective user profile. orientation is made by the fourth dimension of the building, thus by its virtual counterpart.

4. interaction and control
architecture is in interaction with its inhabitants. it can be controlled by the needs of the inhabitants or by the desires of the present users.

because the global projekt would be to complex to realize we carry out one of the main aspects - the information of the user about the inside of architecture. this we realize by generating a fourth building dimension by which the user is informed. the values which are produced by the building are visualised in a shape which represents the fourth building dimension. this shape can be sent to a mobile device where it can be interpreted. in this shape the following data are introduced:

• present people

• acoustic values

• net traffic

• movement level

the data which are sent to the server accrue by the following interfaces:

• the present people are determined by the bluetooth coding of the mobile devices. the system knows who
   is/was in the building.
• the acoustic values are measured by a micro.
• the net traffic is readout with carnivore. the shape shows who of the attendees causes how much traffic.
    carnivore delivers a data strand from which the     sender and acceptor ip can be read of - the content     shows the traffic amount. because the ip´s of the     users are known we can assign the data to the     different people. also it would be possible to readout     which kind of sites are been viewed in ihe internen,     ore which kind of data are been load down - but this     isn´t realized so far.

     the original resource on
     does not longer exist - go to:


• the movement is tracked with a cam. in processing we enumerate the pixel from one frame to the other.    then the number of the altered ones are counted. so the movement op people can be measured.

desctop version:

the following screen shows th desctop version. the program produces a new shape every minute and transforms the old one in the z-axis. by this version the shape can be moved in all dimensions.

• the green slice shows the movement
• the blue slice the acoustic
• the smal lines the network traffic encoded with personspecific colours
• the points display the present people

the slices tick like a clock: every 3 seconds the bluetooth ip´s are checked - the other slices are filled with 400 values per minute. >animation

mobile version:

this litle ones can be sent to a mobile device.


    like every code system this visualisation must be     understood as a language. if you know the coding     system you easily can interpret the information     behind.



processing program environment >processing

eclipse program environment >eclipse

the bluetooth server is programed with eclips. the program registers the present people via bluetooth and sents the values to the pro-cessing program. the shapes which are generated by processing are been sent to the mobile devices by the bluetooth server.

the following shows the desktop version. the present shapes are above the old ones are under it - there you can scroll back to previous ones. at the right you can see the present people.